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Initial Contact: We initially receive the initial contact through our website or a phone call. We try to schedule a good time to meet with you and that  includes evening and weekend appointments.

First Visit: The first visit is made at your home. We discuss your project needs and desires. We bring our full photo albums on a 10" tablet for easy design inspirations.Site measurements are taken for the areas needed and a second appointment is scheduled. 

Design Process: All of our designs are done on a cad based landscape design program, accurate to with 1/32nd of an inch. A typical patio estimate could include 2 distinct versions with anywhere from  2-12 hours of design time needed. 

Second Visit: Upon returning for our second appointment we bring your designs as well as itemized pricing. The means that for a typical project you have a price for the steps, a price for the walls, a price for the patio etc. We go through the design(s) and the proposal(s) step by step, answering any questions along the way and reinforcing those answers with photos of our work. At the conclusion of this meeting the ball is in your court. We break every rule in the sales books by not pressuring to close the deal.

Closing: The real closing only comes when you are comfortable with our company and the design that you have. We are happy to make as many revisions as needed to get you to where you want to be. When you are ready to proceed we finalize the details and get you added to the schedule. 

The Design Process

The Build Process

The build process is pretty straight forward, as it should be. We do not require a deposit to schedule your project. Deposits are collected after we begin work and vary depending on the size of the project. We finish one project before we begin another, so we don't bounce between jobs. We also do not move you on the schedule, barring weather delays and change orders we start when we say we will start. If there is such a delay you will be notified as soon as we know that there could be a change. When your project is completed we do a final walk-though and address any concerns before accepting final payment. 

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